Shay Johnson: Finding Love & Pushing Her Own Brand "The Healthy Hand"
Shay Johnson: Finding Love & Pushing Her Own Brand
Shay Johnson: Finding Love & Pushing Her Own Brand "The Healthy Hand"


AllHipHop: What’s the premise of The Healthy Hand?

Shay Johnson: The Healthy Hand is a business I started when I had fibroids. Fibroids are benign tumors that grow on your uterus. They can be as small as a little pea or bean, or it can be huge like a grapefruit. It depends on your body, you could have one, 10, or 50. Me, I had 4. I had one big one the size of 2 grapefruits. Had all these menstrual issues, pelvic pain, all that. That’s how The Healthy Hand got started. I went to a holistic doctor, he gave me herbs to suppress my symptoms.

I make herbs for other women with fibroids, because don’t nobody talk about it. How is it you don’t know what fibroids are, and it happens to at least 70 to 80% of all women around the world? You can get miscarriages because of fibroids. I had it, went through my experience, started my business, started selling herbs that work to help other women. I came out with my own brand of detox: Total System Detox, Total Belly Detox, 21-day Detox that pacifies your whole body, burns fat, removes toxins from your body, detoxifies your blood, your kidney, your liver, your pancreas. I promote my products on my website,

AllHipHop: How easy or difficult was it to start your own business?

Shay Johnson: A little hard at the beginning. When COVID hit, my detox took off because people started to get more into health and wellness. They started to understand the importance of boosting your immune system. I came out with my Immune Booster pills, I came out with Elderberry pills, moringa, turmeric, black seed oil. People were sitting at home, going to the refrigerator, eating everything in sight. They gain weight. They want to burn fat with my detox and protect their immune system with my Immune Booster (in case they come into contact with COVID). I became more of an educator in health and wellness, based on what I’ve experienced.

AllHipHop: What are your thoughts on COVID-19, have you been taking more extensive measures?

Shay Johnson: I’m definitely cautious. When I leave, I put on my mask. I used to wear gloves all the time. COVID’s been around for a while. The 19 we see is a different strain that’s a little more aggressive. COVID to me is not necessarily killing people, it’s more so people with weak immune systems. Say you have pneumonia and you catch COVID, it’ll make it 10x worse. A lot of people were dying anyway from certain diseases and pre-conditions they already have. Especially bronchitis or respiratory issues, once COVID gets into your body, it makes that worse so it’s harder to breathe. Harder to move.

Why not build your immune system so that if you come into contact with COVID, your body’s ready to fight? My business started to grow because so many people said, “okay sh-t, you’ve got all these products for me.” I have no symptoms. If I was to have COVID, it’d be minimal because my immune system is so high. I’m not trying to brag, but I’m ready for COVID’s ass. It can come my way if it wants to.

Shay Johnson

AllHipHop: What does a regular workout routine look like for you?

Shay Johnson: I was doing it on my Live every Thursday 11am, training with several different trainers. It depends on what you working on that day. One day, you want to work on your glutes, or your arms and your abs. Abs, you can do a 30-minute blast. Take about 6 to 9 routines within that 30-minute blast, break them down into 3 sets each. Bam, you’re done. It’s not how many you do, it’s how you do it. If you’re not doing the routine properly, you won’t receive the burn. I’m not a trainer, but I’m into health and wellness. Even before I started [The Healthy Hand], I had Shay J Fit. I provide meal plans, belly burners, resistance bands, t-shirts, flexibility belts. Shay J Fit is from The Healthy Hand, but we’re still all under the Shay Johnson umbrella.

AllHipHop: What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

Shay Johnson: I stretch. I’m heavily into yoga. I have a smoothie. I make my own smoothies. I’ll make you a smoothie, girl you’re coming back for more. In the daytime, I’ll have a salad. I love vinegar. I’m addicted to vinegar, apple cider vinegar. Pour that vinegar on there or some type of Italian. If I have a snack, it’ll be peanuts or seaweed snacks. Everybody knows I love seaweed snacks. For dinner, I’ll have sauteed vegetables. I don’t eat pork, fish, chicken, or beef.

AllHipHop: If you make a bomb ass smoothie, you need to open a smoothie bar.

Shay Johnson: Eventually, I want my own juice bar so I can serve detox smoothies. My brand’s still growing so I’ll get there. I’m speaking that into existence. Right now, I’m focused on getting my 21-Day Detox, Total Belly Detox into stores. I’m in Bravo, a couple grocery stores, but I want to get it into Walmart, Publix, stores like that. It’s coming, trust me.